Here’s your cheat sheet for every situation. Note: These are general recommendations. Use your clinical judgment to adjust for each patient’s individual needs. Use standard fluid calculations, unless otherwise specified. Acute renal failure. Calories: 25-35 kcal/kg. Protein: 1.2-1.5 g/kg if receiving dialysis; 0.8-1 g/kg if not receiving ... Dialysis is a treatment for end stage kidney disease that removes the extra water and waste products from your blood. There are two forms of dialysis - haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. This fact sheet deals with haemodialysis only. For information about peritoneal dialysis see the Peritoneal Dialysis fact sheet. See Kidney Transplant

Now that you are beginning hemodialysis, there may be many changes in your daily life. Your doctor has probably told you that you may need to make some changes in your diet. How well you feel will depend on: Eating the right kind and amounts of food.