The 5mm 3 chip surface mount component LED in Red features a 625nm wavelength and a 120 degree viewing angle. See spectral graph for actual wavelength measurement</a>.Price listed is per unit, however, bulk discounts are available and are automatically applied to your order. RECENTLY VIEWED. Up to 10 items per products, documents, articles displayed in visit history. (5 pins available for each to fix history) T-1 3/4 (5mm) FULL COLOR LED LAMP ATTENTION OBSERVE PRECAUTIONS FOR HANDLING ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE SENSITIVE DEVICES Part Number: L-154A4SURKQBDZGC Hyper Red Blue Green Features zUniform light output. zLow power consumption. zLong life-solid state reliability. zRoHS compliant. Description The Hyper Red source color devices are made with Al-

Light Emitting Diode Tutorial Includes: Light emitting diode How does a LED work How a LED is made LED datasheet specifications LED lifetime LED packages High power / brightness LEDs LED lighting technology Organic LEDs, OLEDs Other diodes: Diode types Datasheet No 293952 Issue 4 1 of 11 23/06/2016 5630 LED PLW5630CB Series Product Datasheet Description Plessey PLW5630CB SMT LEDs are designed for optical indicators, indoor displays, automotive lighting, backlights for switches/symbols/LCD, tubular lighting and other