If the client is under 18 years of age, please read carefully and initial each line to show your agreement: I agree that I am the Legal Guardian or Managing Conservator of the above-named client and have provided all available information regarding custody agreements applying to the above-named client. Opening The Law Office 3 Choosing a Malpractice Provider 11 The Attorney-Client Relationship 16 SAmPle foRmS Checklist for Starting a Law Practice 26 Service Provider Confidentiality Agreement 30 Prospective Client Questionnaire 31 Office Intake: New Client 32 Checklist for Docket Entries 34 New Client Docket Information Sheet 35 Drove By ____ Yellow Pages ___ Previous Client _____ Personal Recommendation ____ Whom may we thank for the referral?_____ ALL FEES ARE DUE AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE RENDERED Please indicate your choice of payment: Cash Check Visa/ MasterCard/ Discover PATIENT INFORMATION:

Nov 22, 2019 · This practice note covers what information you need to provide to your client, whether that is in your client letter, at an initial interview, or in whatever context you are providing legal services. This practice note is the Law Society's view of good practice in this area. It is not legal advice ... your legal problem, and • Think about what you would like the result to be as this will help the lawyer to know whether your expectations are achievable. This will assist your lawyer to give you accurate and relevant advice. Meeting a lawyer – Your first appointment