Checklist. • Check the “yes,” “no,” or “not applicable” box beside each item. (A “no” response requires further attention.) •Make comments in the “Notes” section as necessary. 4. Return the checklist portion of this document to the IAQ Coordinator. Building and Grounds Maintenance Checklist Name: School: Building maintenance checklist is one of these document is help in this regards. This template can be in daily, weekly or biweekly with specific points that needs to check properly and repair accordingly. Here ready-made checklist is available, you can download building maintenance checklist for your internal used. Annual Building Inspection Checklist Facility Exterior YES NO N/A Is the building address or identification clearly visible? Are exterior lights in working order? Are the exits onto public streets free from visibility obstructions? Are all building sides accessible to emergency equipment? Does the building appear to be in good repair?