PC/104 Specification Version 2.6— Page 2 2. MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 Module Dimensions PC/104 modules can be of two bus types, 8-bit and 16-bit. These correspond to the PC and PC/AT buses, respectively. The detailed mechanical dimensions of these two PC/104 bus types are provided in Appendix A. 2.2 Module Stack Options

Specification Part No. PC104.07.0165C Product Name Penta-Band PCB Antenna ... We measured PC.104 antenna with different cable length, the results as below, ... The PC/104 Bus has the same specifications as the ISA Bus. The PC/104 Bus enables easy installation of compact expansion cards. Numerous PC/104 cards are readily available on the market. The PC/104 specifications by the PC/104 consortium contain further information on the PC/104 Standard and installation of expansion modules.