After the war, the widespread use of drywall allowed contractors to build walls much more quickly, though the process -- installing, taping, mudding and sanding -- was still far from easy. Fortunately, today's homeowners have a number of other options for crafting strong walls without the difficult process of hanging and finishing drywall. Apr 26, 2014 · Complete Drywall Installation Guide Part 7 How to Tape Drywall And First Coat Of Mud - Duration: 13:36. Home RenoVision DIY 1,372,976 views

Prepare your drywall before you mix and apply the joint compound to the seams. Apply drywall tape to cover the seams on your drywall. Begin at the top of the drywall seam and continue until you reach the bottom of the drywall seam. Press the tape as you go, to make sure it is smooth without any puckering or air bubbles. Different types of Drywall Mud. Last time you visited the local hardware store or big box home improvement store looking for drywall mud you may have been puzzled by the variety. Do all joint compounds work the same or should you use a certain type of mud for certain applications?