Sweet. This time, you'll learn some more advanced concepts of web-page design, including cascading style sheets, Java script, CSS3, jQuery and layout design for the web. You'll learn the theory behind well-designed web pages and you'll have plenty of opportunity to use those concepts, theories and skills to create compelling websites of your own.

Jun 10, 2010 · The point of this character sheet is for YOU to get to know your characters better, regardless of if you actually include all of the information in their story or series. There's no rules for this kind of thing, so if there's something that isn't applicable to your character, you're not forced to come up with something. I'm using TeXworks (Version 0.4.5) and came in touch with its regular expression (regex) feature, recently. I made some adjustments of the syntax-highlighting, for instance, to practice. Now I'm asking: Is it possible that TeXworks doesn't support the lookbehind (?<= ) expression? At least in the Find&Replace dialogue?