Wafer Sheets: Wafer Sheets are good up to one year, also recommended within 3 months for maximum freshness! What are the edible images made from? Frosting Sheets: The frosting sheets are made from fondant that is specially blended and pressed into sheets and are FDA compliant.

Frostino Icing Sheets Thin and durable Frostino Icing Sheets feature very smooth surface excellent for printing photographs and vivid graphic edible images . Proudly made in USA frosting sheets are Kosher Certified , FDA approved with 12 months shelf life with no refrigeration needed . A natural silicate combined with titanium dioxide for a presentation with extra flair. SugarMazing Meringue Transfer Sheets are unique branded liners with transferable images for sweet meringues. The great way to personalize any event or occasion, using custom design.