Overall it is suspected to have undergone a very rapid decline owing to habitat loss and conversion to agro-pastoral systems, declines in wild ungulate populations, hunting for trade, persecution, collision and poisoning. FINAL MANUSCRIPT. 8/31/00. Note: This is a manuscript, currently in press, of a speech presented by Al Manville at the Avian Interactions Workshop held December 2, 1999, in Charleston, SC, and sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute. The paper provides a detailed overview of the communication tower/bird strike problem. Nearly 10,000 birds, almost all of which are protected by the migratory bird acts, are killed every year at the wind farm in Altamont Pass, CA, alone. [3] Approximately 200 people have died since 1988 because of airborne collision between airplanes and birds. Bird strikes cause $300 million of damage each year to aircraft.

Minot Air Force Base and civilian aircraft share the skies on a daily basis. Minot AFB has programs in place to help keep those skies a safe place to fly. The 5th Bomb Wing Safety Office heads up the Mid-Air Collision Avoidance and the Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard. thus making the infrastructure compatible with the protection of birds and reducing the impact of the existing and future high speed lines. Title of deliverable: Fact Sheet Nº33 Technical document for specific sections to be implemented bird collision mitigation measures Document end date: 14/04/2016