CHAY class WAGON Class CHAY Type Ore Hopper Platforms Permanent Pair Manufacturer BRO Previous Class - Manufacture Year 2008 Vehicle Numbers 7001, 7003 – 7072, 7074, 7075 Operating Length over Couplers 25585 mm Tare Mass 46.0 t Capacity 154.0 t Gross Mass 200.0 t Volume 106 m3 Axle Load 25.0 t Maximum Speed 110 km/h Track Gauge 1435 mm Subaru Impreza WRX wagon Subaru Legacy wagon Subaru Outback wagon (excl Sport) Subaru Tribeca WARNING: DO NOT EXCEED PRODUCT RATING OR TOW VEHICLE LAMP LOAD RATING, WHICHEVER IS LOWER SUVS, MINI & FULL-SIZED VANS (S) Representative vehicle shown below S4 - Behind passenger side rear access panel S8 - Under rear floor panel S8 S4 PASSENGER CARS (P)

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