Creating A Grade Sheet With Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel serves as an excellent tool for tracking grades in your course. But its power is not limited to its ability to organize information in rows and columns. Using formulas and functions in Excel, you can simplify the grading process. With Department of Premier and Cabinet. Project Management Fact Sheet: The following is an example of the format that could be used to record the Build Status of a document or report. As each version is released, the list within the Build Status grows, with the most recent amendment appearing first.

Oct 01, 2009 · In Project 2010, we’ve added a new view called the Timeline view which allows you to easily create a high level view of your project plan that you can then share through other Office applications such as PowerPoint and Outlook. While this status may take different forms, a high-level project status sheet is provided. Decision log: An MS Excel workbook, SharePoint list, or other spreadsheet-like tools that help with the tracking and record keeping of decisions for a project. An MS Excel workbook for this is available on this site.